• To be the flag bearer of women empowerment through higher education that combines emerging global trends with value-based nurturing of enlightened young women.
  • To make every student employable through holistic education and development of right skills.
  • To emerge as a world-class centre of academic excellence and research.
  • To focus on personality development of each student through the development of positive attitude, leadership qualities, and self-awareness.
  • To produce young women who, along with being job-skilled, are adept in addressing the larger issues of life and becoming effective in building a strong and modern India.
  • To actively respond to the momentous issues of our society and socio-political environment of the world.
  • To reach out to the less-privileged and deserving sections of our society and lend a helping hand to them.
  • To inculcate national spirit and respect for our culture among our students and society at large.


The institution stands committed to dedicate itself to the holistic development of women and give them a value based education. The college strives to meet the technological challenges of the professional world & hence there will be a continuous effort on defining the new areas of study and work on them. The focus remains on building up of a harmonious personality adept in meeting the global challenges, while strongly rooted in tradition. The world is shrinking in terms of distances; we envisage creating responsible world citizens, who are aware, tolerant, conscious and enlightened.

This Institution aims at broadening the mental horizons of the students. We envision the creation of liberated Indian women strongly rooted in time-tested values and marching ahead with their heads held high. We seek to create aware human beings, sensitised to their environment and fully conscious of their rights and duties, first as the inmates of this universe, then as worthy citizens of a great nation.