May beautiful truth and goodness,
My foremost aim represent;
And in the service of the world,
My life be fully spent.

The Dev Samaj is a purely religious society mainly devoted to the cause of serving humanity along with social, educational, moral and higher life-building lines, irrespective of caste, creed, colour or country. It was founded on 16th February, 1887 by the most worshipful Bhagwan Dev Atma who was born on 20th December, 1850 at Shri Akbarpur, distt. Kanpur, endowed with the inheritance of those extraordinary psychic powers which are called Dev Shakties-

  • Compete and all-sided love for all that is true in all the departments of Nature.
  • Compete and all-sided love for all that is good in all relations of Nature.
  • Complete and all-sided hatred for all that is false or antagonistic to the truth with regard to all the departments of Nature.
  • Complete and all-sided hatred for all that is antagonistic to goodness or is positively evil or sinful in all cosmic relations.

His philanthropic activities absorbed his time and attention to such an extent, that at the prime the age of 32 on 20th December 1882, His highly developed love for the service of others made it impetrative on him to renounce His very honourable government post, and embrace his unique Life-vow which when epitomized, runs thus-

  • From that day up to the last day of His life on this planet, he decided not only His whole life, but also all and everything which he owned for the best and the highest good of others. He devoted Himself wholly and exclusively in furthering the unique cause of the highest service of the world which consisted in eliminating, as far as possible, all untruth and evil in all relations of man by establishing ‘The Kingdom of Truth and Goodness’ on this earth.
  • In order to successfully achieve this mission, He established the unique Society of Dev Samaj duly registered under the Societies Registration ACT and gave to the world, nearly three hundred books and pamphlets, a monumental work called ‘The Dev Shastra’ in four Volumes on the philosophy of Human Soul and True Dharma. He passed away on 3rd April, 1920.
  • Since then, the Dev Samaj Society has been doing wonderful work of liberating fit souls, from the slavery of lower feelings and most harmful false beliefs and superstitions by imparting them true and scientific soul knowledge and developing in their hearts, altruistic and higher feelings thereby, enabling them to lead a life of service and sacrifice, creating harmony in various human and subhuman relations. It trains life workers who dedicate themselves to the highest services of the country.

I want to make this world a paradise. I want to usher in the system in Dharma. here in this World, that would sound Death-Knell of all sins and evils and make people so truthful and trust worthy in their relations…..that human life becomes fully Sweet and Blissful. My mission is to infuse new life in man, to redeem him from evil life and so to purify his relation with others that he becomes an heir to the blessings of the true life of the Dharma.

                                                                                               Bhagwan Dev Atma 
(Founder, Dev Samaj)