Year of Establishment  

1934 in Lahore

        Year of Re-establishment                  

1948 at Ambala City

         Year of Affiliation       

1953 ,PU Solan. 1974 with K.U.K


Dev Samaj College for Girls at Ambala City is the oldest and premier college, with the potential of excellence in girls’ education for the last 85 years (1934-2017) till date. The institution was rehabilitated in Ambala city in 1948. In the past time girls from Punjab rural areas used to come far from to get the education in this institution. Before the formation of Haryana, college was affiliated to Punjab University then afterward, it is now with Kurukshetra University. Previously, Dev Samaj College had provided its services for J. B. T & B. Ed too & trained the girl’s students to become ideal teachers, along with the teaching of B.A. classes. This all was with a vast area, excellent infrastructure, and ample facilities. Throughout Haryana, there was no hostel facility for girls. Only this college provided hostel facilities for those who hail from Punjab, Haryana and even from Himachal Pradesh. For a quite long period of time hundreds & hundreds girls student used to take admission for their bright future. Many of those students are today working in different fields like- Administration, Educational, Legal Services etc.

Dev samaj College (Lahore), Ambala City, the first girls’ college is situated near the bus stand and railway station, which is easily approachable for the students of surrounded areas. The institution is spread over an area of 15720 sqm. yard, with lush green campus, multi-storeyed campus building, having Arts and Commerce Block. The college has Computer and Home Science Lab. There is well-stocked library consisting of thousand books including a vast collection of old, rare and relevant books of all types of knowledge like literary, general awareness, competition, commerce, business, employment information and so on.

Dev Samaj College (Lahore), Ambala City, has groomed well the girl students to become stalwart to face the challenges and every odd situation of life. The institution is also providing knowledge to become self-confident & resilient so that they may able to develop their individual identification in the society. As per requirements, our college gained rare, unique and special achievements in different fields for the last so many years, i. e. from 1948 till 2017 and still hopeful for the future outcomes.


The college has witnessed great visits of many dignitaries, celebrities, politicians, eminent leaders, administrators in the institution. We feel proud to say that our students had put up a great show in the presence of first Prime Minister of India, Honorable Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru. The visit was quite motivational and inspiring for the students at that time when the ethical values and high moral ideas were having a deep impact on the human society. Former CMs of Haryana Ch. Bansi Lal, Ch. Bhajan Lal, Sh. Nek chand & governors of Haryana, Sh. B. N c erborty and Sh. S. M. H Burney and many others high officials were regular chief guests of that time. We can say that with immense pleasure that college was studded with brightest stars in its past time. It is big evidence which depicts the special heritage characteristics.


Every year college faculty put in their best to make their students capable of holding top positions in the university. Placement of our students among TOP TEN of the University list is the old convention of our institution. Even today, generally many of our students get more than 80% marks in aggregate and most of the time pass percentage in every class stands at approx 100%.


Regular sports activities were performed and athletic Meet was the convention of the college for so many years. Sports wings of Basketball and Volleyball started in 1983-84 and 1986-87.

  • Girl players won Kurukshetra University Sports General Championship for five years in continuation.
  • Girl players won Kurukshetra University Basket Ball Championship for seven years in continuation.
  • Our Best athlete Sudha Bhasin represented Ambala Distt in Haryana State Sports Festival. She was the proud player of the institution. Even today she is attached with Haryana sports.


Our students are also contributing in the cultural field. Many times our musical items were commended in zonal youth festivals. In the year 1994-95 and again in 1996-97 our college won the trophy for Girls College. In the previous years, our college won the Best Women College Trophy for Ambala Zone in the youth festival. It was also a matter of high esteem and pride. Nowadays when the country is giving emphasis to the girls’ education, this institution is also contributing its excel in various fields of education. Many plans at the State Level have been introduced and on the national level. Our Prime Minister Sh. Narender Modi has launched a movement for girls i.e. ‘BETI BACHAO, BETI PADHAO’. Our institution is also putting in its efforts, dedication, and sincerity for the fulfillment of the mission.

DSCG creates women who change the world. Epitomizing and synthesizing old values with modern education, DSCG women have a heightened awareness of their productive role in society. Endowed with the holistic belief they venture into the world as highly competent and creatively confident individuals, fine-tune their professional skills and expertise to meet the requirements of the world and carve a niche for themselves. They face challenges, transform them into opportunities, set benchmarks for others and finally exemplify the change they seek to bring in the world and like torch bearers lead it towards a brighter future. As a trailblazer and also a trendsetter, DSCG is not only an institution of unparalleled excellence but also the firm sentinel of our priceless antiquity that has imparted distinctive steadfastness to our invaluable cultural, moral and intellectual heritage.