Dev Samaj College for Girls, Ambala, an iconic and pioneering institution, occupies a unique place of pre-eminence in the annals of the nation’s history, in view of its historic credentials and a contribution to the cause of women education and empowerment. Established in the year, the tiny sapling of knowledge and enlightenment, planted by the visionary founder of this institution, continues to flourish and prosper. Carefully nurtured by many generations of committed stalwarts, DSCG today is a multi-faculty institution offering many new-age innovative academic programs, add-on courses besides many diploma and vocational courses, providing the students the opportunity to choose from a wide spectrum of courses. Over the years, DSCG has become synonymous with a consistent pursuit of excellence where lofty traditions, high ethical standards, and rich cultural values are harmonized with a futuristic vision to create dynamic citizens fully equipped to take on the challenges of the present day world. It continues to impact and transform the lives of millions of young girls who have proudly walked out of the portals of this august institution as flag bearers of the aspirations of future global citizens. The times have changed today and we live in a forward-looking society where women are confidently occupying key portfolios in every walk of public domain. Though crimes against women are still rampant and there is no dearth of people still nurturing feudal and parochial mindsets, there is a definite and marked change in the general consciousness and mood of the nation distinctly manifest in different forms. Therein lies hope for the future of mankind. DSCG, as an institution, is committed, right from its inception, to the creation of a better social order, where women are equal partners with men in every sphere of nation building. I would like to re-iterate this firm resolve to educate and empower women till each woman leads a life of dignity and self-reliance.

I congratulate the Principal Mrs. Renu Gupta, a dynamic, visionary and committed team leader and the erudite and dedicated faculty members, who tirelessly support her in all her innovative endeavours, for their persistent onward march to scale new peaks of excellence, glory, and success.

With best wishes to keep progressing!